What's popping up in your gardens!!!

May 30, 2009


Susan your mint looks wonderful....I have curly mint that grows along the backside of our house...(will get a picture in the morning)....it has been there for over 20 years....and the last couple years some apple mint is mingled with it...Olde fashion "tea" ( I believe to be what we know as spearmint) grows in the front garden....and yes we have to trim and pull it out all the time. Nothing is sweeter that a summer breeze sending the fragrance of mint thru the kitchen window. I, however, am not fond of mint tea.....don't know why as I LOVE everything else minty !
I love your sweet garden ladye....One day when I was at the Morgantown store I came home and Tony had made this "garden ladye" for me....he went to goodwill and purchased a red dress for her thus dubbing her with the name "Jezebel" !! She has been a bride ( the week before my daughter's wedding)...a now is portrayed as a witch.....(pictures come fall) My "gourd ladyes" mind the store gardens now and the birds have pretty much left them alone....but the door to the outhouse is covered in bird poop....how do they do it sideways????? I washed it off today but I am sure it will be back tomorrow.
I have another garden gal....I would like to introduce you to -"Robin Birdwhistle" ( in honor of Tasha Tudor)....she is making her grand entrance next week....(she needed some tweeking as she is about 9 years olde even though I do put her away for the winter)... This picture is from last year....We have sold many of her friends but have now put the pattern to rest.

PS - forgot to say....your "view" is beautiful when I enlarged the picture of your garden friend. WOW !! WE ARE ALL REALLY "MINT TO BE FRIENDS"......XO, JUDY

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