What's popping up in your gardens!!!

June 17, 2010


The bright orange and yellow blossoms of the herb "calendula" are a sight to behold....I went out this afternoon and picked a small bouquet and then sprinkled some petals  on my salad....it was so pretty !! I have a good recipe for" calendula butter" - makes a plain old piece of toast very festive!!!  I will find it and post it here....How are your gardens growing....???  Share some pictures....!!! 

June 5, 2010


Now I am sorry I didn't take pictures of my two old sage plants at the store...they were magnificient with their spokes of purple blooms!!!   I have a minature (can't think of the right name) sage plant here at home that is so pretty too....ahhhh...Dwarf Sage....(big smile- I am just old and it takes awhile !!)  LOL!!  I think my "johnnies" smile right back at me too - so maybe with are both alittle "crazy" !!!
Sadly the weeds are taking over and a whole bunch of work needs to be done in our gardens.....just so much always going on.
Share some pictures girls.....let us see how your "garden grows" !!!  If you need the Login and password just email me....   cinnamonstick@comcast.net    

AND Susan...I hope those "babies" have flown the coop and you can rest easy for a bit......!!!!       

June 2, 2010

Sage & Violas

I can always count on this old Sage plant and these adorable Violas to bloom there little hearts out!!

Every time I walk by this cluster to go into the back door it's like their little "faces" are smiling at me..........or maybe I've been gardening in the sun too long!

Either way I can't help but Smile back :)