What's popping up in your gardens!!!

February 17, 2010


Kim from Petals and Porch Posts......I am hoping everyone will welcome her and I promise if we start posting here again (with all our springthyme thoughts) it will come....SPRING that is...

Welcome Kim,
Glad you have joined us....so tell us about Petals and Porch Posts....sounds like a fun store to me. Judy

February 11, 2010


The promise of spring will be on it's way soon.....after Saturday's snowstorm and then the BIG one yesterday I have started to make that my mantra!! Today the sun is shining and I sat down and made a list of the herbs I need to order for next week..I am hoping to be able to bring some plants into the store after visiting my favorite greenhouse ! I haven't talked to Alta (the herblady supreme) to see what is available but since we are "snowbound" I will wait till next week - I REALLY NEED SOME SPRINGTHYME PROMISES...and nothing says that better than an armful of herbs!!
My "windowsill" herbs and fairy garden from last summer are still going strong. Rubbing my hand up the spine of the rosemary is so mentally delicious!! The Rose Scented Geranium is just begging to have some leaves snipped for a Rose Geranium Cheese Spread - maybe tomorrow I will make some. The lone plant is Cuban Oregano.....sensually magnificent!

Enjoy my little windowsill of spring.