What's popping up in your gardens!!!

May 14, 2009

ALRIGHT....now that's what I was talking about....

Getting everyone to post and upload pics.....HOWEVER...if you leave a comment it just comes to me....so I am assuming when we have a question to ask - to whoever - we just make a post of it unless you email that person directly....
GINNY....click on the comment of your last post.....Patti left a question there for you...!!!
PATTI.....Your herb garden is really filling up...BUT you have Sweet Annie in there???? Doesn't it get huge???? I also love Lady's Mantle and my plant did not come back last year and I forgot to get new this year.....I LOVE LOVE LOVE the flowers in bouquets...when I visit my Herb Lady for herbs for the Fairy Gardens so I will be sure to pick up some Lady's Mantle....you know it is suppose to help with "women's woes".....I don't have them anymore !! LOL!!! Thanks for the reminder.
Tony made me agate pots on olde banister spindles for the store - but we made birdbaths out of them....he would drill the top and screw it to the post and use a washer and silicone to seal it.....Here is a picture of one that Tony made years ago for our garden...it is on an olde piece of driftwood we brought back from vacation one time.
and a picture of a pie plate bird feeder that we still sell.....
and check out my sage...it is ready to bloom.....(These pics are from home and not the store...!!)

Herbal Bouquets with mint...sage....lemon balm and oregano.....coming soon.....woohoo!!!

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