What's popping up in your gardens!!!

December 5, 2009


Hi Susan and Ginny......we had our Sleigh Ride Event going on today and the snow was just the perfect added touch.
Susan.....I am sure the customers were quite festive and in the "purchasing" mood - they were at the store today...something about the cold, snow, twinkling lights and Christmas Carols just puts a smile on everyone's face. Your Holiday Open House sounds so inviting...wish I would have been able to come!
I have a (3 1/2 year old) rosemary plant, scented rose geranium and a lemon balm plant all in a second floor south window - I moved the rosemary from the big room into the little room (I think you remember how the 2nd floor was set up).....and keep hoping it will do okay. My rose geranium at home - died - it was old and clipped too many times I am afraid ! I do love making that rose geranium cheese spread to serve in the winter when no one expects it!
I wish you luck with your plants - fingers crossed.

Ginny.....YIKES...you have lots more snow than we do....at the store it was only about an inch when we left (but really coming down fast)...on the way home we hit spots of just wet roads....and then when we got close to home (16 miles from store) it was a mess!!! The plow went up our road though....we are a secondary state road so sometimes they do and sometimes they don't !!!

Snowing In The Lehigh Valley

It's snowing in the LV as well. I went out to put the ducks to bed and decided I would measure the snow. I measured in three places and divided the number by 3 and came up with 5.33 inches!! It is very pretty out and quite, except for the occasional snow mobile. If you are going out, take it easy, our roads are not plowed. Stay Warm, Have a good night.


........here in NE Penn. and its cold outside. This is the perfect day for my Holiday Open House. I have spiced cider in the crock-pot and mulled wine on the stove, customers are shopping in the soft glow of candlelight, nibbling on sweets and savories throughout the store. The herbs are in for the winter. I try not to bring in too many herbs, I just don't have the room to overwinter everything.

I don't have any south facing windows in the shop so the bay trees and the scented geraniums are in an east window and so far so good. I think in a month or two they will not look nearly as nice, they get very lanky trying to reach for the light. I have patchouli, scented geraniums and rosemary in a west window. We'll see how they do there.

December 2, 2009


The picture is of my "Fairy Garden" that I made in May while giving a Fairy Garden Class at the store. I brought it inside and put it on a windowsill upstairs at the store. These past two days I have rearranged the upstairs and needed to bring it home....I can't believe it is still growing. (I have to admit some neglect) !!! Now to find the right windowsill here at home to keep it alive...hopefully some of the "fairies" have come home with me too and will keep everything growing.....Italian oregano, mother of thyme and rosemary ( the rosemary doesn't look so good)! I have a first floor hallway windowsill that seems to like plants...right now the Cuban Oregano is doing great there. My 3 year old rose geranium moved on - sadly - but I have another one growing at the store. (Need it to make my rose geranium cheese spread) Has anyone brought their herbs in for the winter???