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May 28, 2009

~*~Herb Garden~*~

Well, Judy had asked me to take pics of my herb garden that is in front of our shop. So, I've been waiting for things to really get "showy". But, I grew impatient today (or maybe it's the new camera I've been playing with?!)! So until things fill in a little more, I took a few close ups of those things thriving right now~

This is one patch of lavender ~ I have another patch in the herb garden beside the house. Both provide me with LOTS of lavender, which I dry & sell in bunches..It's hard to tell how tall they are in this picture ~ they go a bit above the pickets but I cropped the pic to hide my hauling trailer...As you can tell in the pic, there are two varieties here
I hold my breath each year for my sweet pineapple sage. It is an annual, but has amazingly survived for almost 6 years now (once it dies out for the season, I let the leaves pile up around it in the fall & I think that helps to insulate the plant thru the winter).. I just love the smell, I don't use it that much (anybody got any good recipes with it?). It has the prettiest scarlet blooms, which the hummingbirds LOVE!

And the final pic for now is my monster rosemary (which, by the way, has been recently pruned back but still needs more done!). I think this is the happiest rosemary plant I've ever seen. And my customers agree ~ they are always amazed that it's a rosemary bush & that huge! I'll never forget last year when we sold herbs (which we had purchased from a local farmer), every customer who bought a rosemary bush wanted to know if it would grow to be like mine! :smiles:

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  1. That Pineapple Sage plant is beautiful!! I just got one for my garden over the weekend. I live in New England, so unfortunately it doesn't live through the winter and each Spring I have to search for a new one. The hummingbirds love it and that is the main reason I plant one each year. It's also really good added to fresh fruit salads. The Essential Herbal Blog just had a post dedicated to Pineapple Sage if you're interested. (some recipes there too)http://theessentialherbal.blogspot.com/2009/05/pining-for-pineapple-sage-recipes.html
    I don't have a lot of my herb pictures up at my blog, but there are a couple I just posted about the fairies I found in my lavender. :)

    I'm really enjoying reading this blog of yours.

    Happy Herbing!