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May 14, 2009

Raining in Hellertown

Its raining in ginnysyard as well. Les got one box made yesterday for our raised beds, but I don't think any will happen today. We need to get over to Home Depot, or some place like that for dirt, peat, etc. I'm anxious to plany my herbs from The Cinnamon Stick. Keep us posted about a class on Lavender Wands, I would love to know how to do that, and one of my plants that I purchased is Lavender. Have a good day everyone.

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  1. Good Morning Ginny,
    Make sure to post pictures of your raised beds! I am talking to Tim about building raised beds for me. I would love to see your garden.I hope is stops raining so you can get to work on it. By the way, Where is Hellertown? Is it near Lancaster? Oh and just to let you know..here in Millersburg the sun is starting to peek out..so maybe the sun will be shining in your neighborhood soon!
    AND Judy, I would love to learn to make the Lavendar Wands, too....