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May 3, 2009


Three more days and it will be our Herb Faire... the rain is not helping but I think I have everything under control as far as the setting up goes. We sell the herbs from our side yard and of course I like to use unique items to display them on. I no longer have one of the large tables I use to use as it is now in the attic classroom....so improvising is the name of the game. I love to make displays... you can give me a bunch of mish mosh things and somehow when I am finished it looks somewhat good. AS LONG AS THERE IS LOTS OF CHOCOLATE AROUND !!!
I have fun doing the outside...I never know what I will have to work with as the inventory changes all the time....and then of course the weather plays a big part....one day at a time seems to be the motto lately....we are expected to get two more days of rain but Wed. is suppose to be nice....we shall see !! I will be "quacking" before this week is over I am sure.
Tomorrow I will set up the inside of the store for the herbal goodies we will be serving....Tuesday morn we pick up our herbs - and set up the outside....and then I have all the goodies to make...that is really a fun part - again I get to play "wannabee tea room owner"....The gardens are growing nicely....my chives at home are perfect for the Radish and Chive Spread I will make - and my olde rosemary plant is ready for a trimming to make the Rosemary Tea Cooler. I will make Lavender Beeskep Cupcakes with my sugared Johnnies as decoration. ( I use olde aluminum jello molds for the cupcakes and they look just like little beeskeps!) I will most certainly post pictures. Lavender Egg Salad tea sandwiches will be a first this year....gosh I hope they are good.
Does anyone have a good herbal recipe they want to share with me??

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