What's popping up in your gardens!!!

June 1, 2009

MORE - Mint to be friends...

Above it a picture of the "curly" mint and apple mint all growing together. This is at the back of our home - it is not as tall as the window makes it look...this part of the house was added on in 1949 and is just made of cinderblock - it is my laundry room (storage room for heater, water tank, and ALL my fabric!!) The window is waist high inside and only knee high on the outside - this part of the house was built lower than the other side - who knows why ???? Another picture of the mint - When I was taking the pictures I found this "curry" plant from last year....I am so excited - my clothes dryer vent is right there and I am sure that is why it wintered over.....This is not the curry that comes from India....but you can use it ...it just is not as "potent" ! The plant does smell divine and can be dried and used in making wreaths etc. That was fun finding the curry - any surprises in your gardens????


  1. So Glad to see other Gardener's Appreciating Mints!! I love using Orange, Chocolate & Pineapple Mints in all my Flower Beds. They dry beautifully too. It's a shame that most gardener's are so afraid of the mints "Taking-Over" I say Let them :)

  2. I would love to try that curry plant. I have a spot near my dryer vent too. Thank you for sharing. Kathi

  3. I 'thought' I smelled curry when I enter or leave through out back gate. Glad to know I'm not "crazy" -smile-.