What's popping up in your gardens!!!

May 13, 2009


We didn't get any frost here but it was only 42 degrees when I looked this morning...quite cool but the sun is shining brightly...yippee!! The herbs at the store are all on the back porch where they are out of the weather and wind....the BASILS are inside the store - learned that lesson many, many years ago !!! It is that time of the year when everything is growing fast and needs to be "tamed" a bit....I see my dill is sprouting. Dill is a favorite of mine and I usually get at least TWO crops from it every season...as I let some go to seed....(Tony is never happy about that - oh well we can't keep them happy ALL the time now can we!!) The dill comes up everywhere and I let customers go pick it. Tony would have a "manicured" garden.....me ....I like it WILD and surprises everywhere. We still didn't get all the gardens cleaned of leaves and debris....might try to work on that a bit today (cause that is where the dill is!!)
Hey girls - what is going on in your neck of the gardens....???

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