What's popping up in your gardens!!!

May 14, 2009


I was hoping to get out in the gardens this morning but guess that is NOT going to happen. We don't ever plant anything until after the 20th of May....I am anxious to get some "color" around the store as everything that is "up" is green. I lost two lavender plants....and have two that are beautiful...??? That made me a bit sad as I was hoping to have a class on making "Lavender Wands" this summer. Now what??? I need to find a "good" spot for my nasturiums....I love the pretty flowers and leaves on a salad plate. Hey...maybe the bathtub will be a good place this year....seems that they always get "choked" out by the other herbs....AND never never never plant Vinca in your garden....we didn't....we did however in the bathtub one time and it just spread out and over and just took over the whole flower bed. Even goes under the stone wall and comes out in the front garden....honest !! It is pretty....but takes over and now it is squeezing out the little sprouts of "dill" that are coming up......I might have to declare WAR as dill is a favorite...!!!!

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