What's popping up in your gardens!!!

August 25, 2009

End of Summer~

Just like everyone else~ I've been busy with end of Summer chores!
Trying to harvest as much Herbs & Flowers as I can. All the mints have been dried and it's time to crush them for potpourri. Here's some Rubeckia~ this dries Great! I like to dry them with the stem facing down into a framed screen. This way they dry opened up and look great in arrangements.

Echinacea can be dried the same way~ or if hung upside down the petals will curl inwards and you don't get as much color

Yarrow is ready to harvest~

Here's some freshly harvested Globe Amaranth~ this really keeps its color!

August 23, 2009

SOLD !!! The Watering Can...!!

Everyone must be very, very busy harvesting and gathering their gardens since it is so quiet here lately. Me...I am just HOT....the weather has been so humid and just wears you out. Weeds are growing and hard to keep up with...but the herb garden looks just beautiful as it is ready for it's second harvesting. WHICH I don't think I have the energy to do...LOL!! We are getting ready for Harvest Thyme at the store and that is taking all my time and energy!
I did FINALLY sell the beautiful watering can with the scented geranium planted in it....you should have seen how wonderful it is growing in there. I do hope she brings it in the house and keeps it going. My basil is now a TREE - and I am just giving it away to anyone who walks by the house...(big smile)...Hope everyone is having a great end of summer......

August 11, 2009


My mistake...for some reason I thought it was a Lemon Geranium we planted in the watering can...but it is not....(in my defense they do look very much alike) ....I have this for sale but no buyers ??? How silly of them...$20. is all I am asking... Oh well, I will put it on my windowsill and let it grow and grow and grow. Bet this would make some fine Rose Geranium Sugar too!!

August 7, 2009


I have to remember to take a picture of the lemon geranium I have growing in an olde watering can...it loves it there. I am hoping to be able to bring it inside for the winter.
I love your story Becky....can you imagine the stench of years ago with no sewers or water systems...I can't even handle a port-a-potty !!
Weeds are growing really good around here...I am loaded with sour grass and thistle...it had to be in the mulch.
My basil is now a tree.....what is the best way to preserve it ??? HELP !!!

August 5, 2009

Scented Geraniums

One of my favorite stories about Scented Geraniums is about taking advantage of its strong scent. Long ago the ladies of the house would plant the scented geraniums by the door,as the guest came in the door the lady of the house would swish her long skirt against the plant and a wonderful scent would fill the air.... The first Air Freshener had been invented!


When I moved to KY ...I was just getting to know my neighbors. We had a neighborhood yard sale, so I made scented geranium sun tea. I think these women had never seen anything like this as they snickered about the leaves in the tea. But it was good, so I won some respect. However, they still talk about the day I brought out tea with elephant ear leaves in it! (they were really rose scented germanium leaves). I do not know anyone who does not love the scented geraniums when they touch and feel and smell them.

One of my favorites is the Lemon scented ..Lemon Rupert. I use the stiff lemon stems as swizzle sticks in Lemonade or lemon drinks...fun!