What's popping up in your gardens!!!

May 15, 2009


Does anyone grow this??? What a great herb it is - a very strong oregano and thyme flavor. The leaves are "water-filled".....and one little leaf goes a long way ! Pretty too isn't it !!! This plant can be brought indoors in the winter and one year we just let it go and it covered a whole windowsill just like a philodendron house plant. Here is one gardeners description -

Happily, there is one plant in my garden that is as lovely as it is useful: Cuban oregano. Round and compact with thick, dewy leaves, this tropical beauty reminds me of a ball of crushed green velvet.
A good description....they say it is used in alot of Cuban, Indian and Mexican food....I just chop it up in a salad. It is beautiful in a pot or in the garden!
Can't wait to see Ginny's pics of her raised beds.....gardening is lots of hard work...you really have to LOVE it...which I don't...I just love to pick the bounty!!!! LOL!!
A friend brought me this "herbal and weed" (don't you love it) bouquet today....the lilacs are so fragrant you can smell them as soon as you walk in the door...!! Thanks Evie !!

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  1. I had a cuban oregano once. It did as you said, took over my windowsill!! Did well for a few years, but I grew tired of it & passed it along to a friend. Smells YUMMY too!!