What's popping up in your gardens!!!

April 20, 2011

WHEN DO YOU....???

...start planting your herbs??   What is coming up in your gardens NOW?  Share some pictures of inspiration  - the weather here in SE PA is still quite crappy.....and we don't usually plant till after the 15th of May - or even later.   We haven't been able to get the gardens cleaned up with one day rain - then mud - then rain - then alittle sun but too much wind - wishing you better weather and better luck!

April 12, 2011


I am just like alittle kid when it comes to "patience" - I want the weather to be nice and I want to get out in the gardens to see what is growing (well really I NEED to get things cleaned up in the gardens.  It is a job as we have the house and the store and we are getting older by the minute)!! 
Yesterday the weather was so perfect but I am "under the weather" with a stupid cold and not up to exerting myself...I did take these pics of what was peeking thru the messy gardens at home...besides all the mints and lemon balm here is -
SOME GOLDEN SAGE - (and weeds)
CHIVES - (and weeds)
 and a favorite SWEET WOODRUFF...
.Have you ever dried Sweet Woodruff???  It is the sweetest scent and I love to fill sachets or muslin sacks with the dried leaves.  It has NO scent while fresh - that I can detect - but dried it is wonderful!   AND, it grows (and prefers) shade....it is a great ground cover.  We will have plants for sale at our Herb Faire!!!

April 8, 2011

Start Planning!

There's fennel for you, and columbines;
there's rue for you; and here's some for me;
we may call it herb or grace o'Sundays.
O! you must wear your rue with a difference.
William Shakespeare, Hamlet

A strawberry pot is an attractive way of growing a number of herbs together, for those of you who have limited garden space. They are made mainly of terracotta and are easily obtainable. An average size strawberry pot has five or six lipped holes in the sides and one large hole in the top. To plant a strawberry pot with herbs, place one large or several smaller, uneven stones above the drainage hole in the base. Fill the jar with potting mixture to the level of the lowest holes. Plant a herb seedling down through the pot's main open hole, gently manipulating the foliage through one of the side holes with the roots within. Fill the pot with soil level to the next hole and repeat the process as for the first seedling, until the top has been reached. Leave about 1in/2.5 cm between the last layer of soil and the rim of the pot to allow for watering.

Think herbs!

April 1, 2011

April Wisdom

From my favorite book, the Farmer's Almanac some April thoughts:

If it thunders on All Fools' Day. it brings good crops of corn and hay.

Moist April, clear June.

Cloudy April, dewy May.

Snow in April is manure. Love this one!!