What's popping up in your gardens!!!

April 8, 2009


MINT.....yikes.....although I love mint it can be a nuisance - it spreads and spreads and will choke out your other herbs if not contained. You most certainly can grow it in a pot but if you want a nice crop make sure you transplant, as it grows, into a larger pot.....you can also plant one of those large plastic pots you purchase plants in right into the ground and that will contain the plant.....I have mint - peppermint, ginger mint and pineapple mint growing in a half wine barrel at the store...I am not sure it will return this year but I will just plant more....I use it mostly for bouquets or drying to hang.....but mint tea is pretty good too!
Anyone have some more info on MINT ??? Please post..... Judy


  1. Thank Judy...have not gotten here till now have had major computer problems...
    I am not to big on mint either unless maybe if
    it is chocolate candy...lol
    That is why I was wondering if it could just stay in a pot...was just gonna grow it to use in some crafts maybe...thanks for the info...

  2. Hey Judy! Ohhh mint...I LOVE to smell it, but don't use it very often either...
    I will say, the part of putting the plastic pot into the ground...it didn't work for me. It's still spreading! It DID stay contained for about 2 seasons, but has now spread thru a large area..ugh! It's impossible to get rid of too! We planted korean licorice mint about 9 years ago & we have TRIED to kill it! Destroyed the bed it was in too! BUT it even pops up on the other side of the house. Each year I see a little plant, smell it & sure enough its licorice! LoL
    If you're going to grow it, I say in a pot inside..far far away from dirt it can latch into! LoL :)