What's popping up in your gardens!!!

April 20, 2009


Susan - just seeing your bay plant is encouraging me to try again....the bay plants we sell are very small....and costs $5.....so I don't order very many - as I can't give good instructions on how to keep it alive...LOL!! Just look at yours...it is so happy in it's new home!
We have our Herb Faire the same time as Landis Valley so I have never been able to go to it...but I do hear it is great! We sell herb plants every year.....and I use to call the "event" Miss Violet's Ladybug Tea Party.....well that was misleading to some and they wanted to make reservations for the "Tea"...so after a few years of trying to explain we now call it our "Herb Faire"....not a faire at all....just the time when we start selling the plants and our garden treasures...always the first Wednesday in May. That week I make lots of yummy herb goodies - for everyone to sample. We have a nice side yard where I can sell the herbs - and I do think we sell the best on the market! Last year it poured and poured and poured but luckily we have a back and front porch to the store and we kept the flats of herbs under roof....keeping my fingers crossed for a week of pure sunshine !!
I didn't expect to see any customers that first day but thank goodness for true loyal customers...Linda came with her boxes and winter coat.....looking forward to much better weather this year! Picture is of back porch...the next pictures are herbs on the front porch... You can see that nice side yard in one of the pics...it was a swamp that week !!!

...and of course the basil had to stay indoors.....

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