What's popping up in your gardens!!!

April 9, 2009


Sometimes I get asked what is my favorite herb.....usually I answer "DILL" as I just love the flavor - and it is a cool looking plant. I always let it go to seed (much to hubby's dismay) as it pops up all over the place.....but it is easy to (heaven's forbid) pull out if it is in the way of another plant. The wind just carries the seeds here - there and everywhere ! It is not a herb you can dry for "hanging".....but I do dry it and crumbled it up to put in a jar. Sprinkling it on a salad or chicken is delish ! ( I don't eat anything from the water however they tell me it is great with (yuck) fish) !! I usually get at the very least, two crops each summer.....customers come and pick it right from the gardens as I could never use as much as we get. That is what growing herbs is all about....sharing !
The picture is of my "rosemary plant" THREE years olde....it likes this windowsill at the store...I have never been able to grow it at home ??? All thru the year I take little snippets of the plant to put in little "sprig" bottles that we sell.


  1. Judy, We must have been posting at the same time this morning! I love your rosemary plant..I have tried so hard to grow it indoors with no luck! WHat is your secret?
    I love this blog and the idea of everyone SHARING their thoughts..thanks so much for doing this!

  2. I love dill too for the same reasons. I use it when I can pickled asparagus, dilly beans, and of course dill pickles. I like to bake salmon with it too. I believe this is my first visit your blog and I like it very much. Kathi