What's popping up in your gardens!!!

April 17, 2009


The lemon balm in our herb garden is peeking thru the leaves that have YET to be cleaned up...NEVER ENOUGH THYME and when there is, it is raining.....!!! This weekend for sure the gardens will get done. I love Lemon Balm but have to admit I don't use it much for anything other than filling vases and drying to hang - You can make "lemon water" by steeping some in a pot - bring to boil and then let cool in pot....strain and add it to a spritz bottle - keep in refrigerator....When it is HOT - a little "spritz" will be quite enjoyable - perfect to spritz right under the chin!! Lemon Balm will take over like MINT....so becareful where you plant it....(mine is right smack in the middle of the garden and needs to be pulled out constantly)...although that is a "pleasant task" !!
Anyone use lemon balm for anything else??? Come on gals ....join in the discussions...we all want to hear what you have to say - POST POST POST !!!

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  1. Hi Judy........Lemon balm is great for the skin as a conditioner and takes away the pain of shingles sores. It is also used in tea for relaxing in the evening as it is very calming. You must use the young leaves(before the plant flowers)because otherwise it is bitter and musty.....I will be gardening all day today (in between customers)since it will be so nice.......I don't like the cold at all!....
    Joyful day....Susan