What's popping up in your gardens!!!

April 10, 2009


That is a title of a book all about fairies....I can't find a copy anywhere - my friend Kathy Wright (who now lives in Kentucky) taught me how to make a fairy garden before she moved.....and when she couldn't find the book she PHOTOCOPIED her whole book for me.....(I have the sweetest and most generous friends in all the world) !! This book has given me so much fun! We give two classes each year making a fairy garden. This is our 11th year of giving this class....RAIN or SHINE we have them outside.....under a tent.....Last year Class 1, it stormed and stormed.....we were able to get the gardens made and then we had lunch (yeppers lunch is included) in the workshop room of the store attached to ours ( we have access thru a door on the second floor)...Kay was so kind to let us eat up there !! The second class....oh my it was hot as (well use your imagination) !! When we ate I brought a fan outside to at least move the air around.....those poor girls !! We had lots of fun inspite of the weather....and can't wait to have them again this year.....look at the pictures....can you see any fairies ????

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