What's popping up in your gardens!!!

April 9, 2009


Oh it is getting hard to have PATIENCE...I want to get out in the dirt and get some much needed therapy...getting my hands dirty working in my gardens is so therapeutic...why is old man winter still hanging on?This stepping stone is in my herb garden. I thought I would share some "before" pictures of my herb garden...this is how it looked this morning...I notice my lemon balm is greening up. Tonya mentioned about mint and how it can take over a garden..same thing as my Lemon Balm..I planted one small plant 4 years ago and it has spread...but if I am not happy with it.. I just pull some of it all and try to manage it..I never mind plants that spread and take over..I just pulled out what I don't need...My Aunt who is a avid gardener shares the same feelings..she just pulls out or GENTLTY REMOVES the intruding plant and moves it somewhere else in her garden or pots it up and gives it to a friend. If you really want to keep a plant like mint contained you can plant it in an old half whiskey barrel...I have done that before and I like the look of plants in the barrel. Judy also mentioned about doing it like this, too.

I also noticed this morning my Sweet Woodruff looking very nice! I love this plant..love the smell! It is a shade loving plant but mine seems to be doing ok in my garden which gets a good deal of light.
I wanted to take a picture of my Rosemary plant but it wasn't showing up too well on my camera...I did notice some GREEN on the plant..SO Excited! Last winter my Rosemary survived the winter...It is a tender periennal here in Central Pa..but it survived and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it survived again!
I hope you all share pictures..I am so happy that Judy started this blog...THANK YOU JUDY!!!!
Here are some Before pictures of my kitchen herb garden. When things start to grow and fill in I will share more pictures.


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  1. Patti.....Now I want to go take some BEFORE pics of my garden....BUT yours looks much better than mine - it is a mess. Feverfew is coming up, oregano - Italian and Golden, surprisingly no chives ??? They are up at home though.