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April 13, 2009


Just a bit of info on the 2009 Herb of the Year......Some people have great luck with this plant when they bring it indoors....my friend's plant was a TREE !!! She kept it in her sunroom - there is NOTHING like a fresh bay leaf !!

****The Part Used:
It is the leaves of bay that have the flavoring properties. The plant is a tree that came originally from Asia Minor but was quickly spread around the Mediterranean and beyond. Supposedly the Oracle at Delphi chewed bay leaves and inhaled the smoke of the burning leaves of bay to induce her visions. Bay, and laurel, were worn as wreaths on the head for protection, as an honor for being victorious in sports and battle. (The association with honor continues to this day, as we have poet laureates and the word baccalureate means laurel berries, signifying the completion of a bachelor's degree.
****Uses:Bay leaves have long been used in flour and grain to keep pantry moths out. Medicinally, it has a long history of being used for treating high blood sugar, migraines, bacterial and fungal infections. Bay leaves and berries have been used as an astringent, carminative digestive and emetic properties. The oil (bay oil or oil of bays Oleum Lauri) has been used in bruise and sprain liniments and salves.
We sell this plant during our Herb Faire....it is a bit more $$$'s than the other herbs....but well worth it!


  1. I would like to try and grow it but I have a brown thumb when it comes to plants in my house...now out in the garden I am better! Wonder how had it is to grow indoors....?
    Judy, when is your Herb Faire? May have to come and visit.

  2. I also would like to come to the Herb Faire. I'd like to participate, maybe as a vendor? More info on the blog would be nice. --*--Susan--*--