What's popping up in your gardens!!!

April 18, 2009


Thought I would post a BEFORE picture of the herb garden at the store.....I did spend alittle time this afternoon cleaning up some of the leaves....they just gather here!! Lemon Balm, Italian Oregano, Golden Oregano and Lavender are all peeking their little stems through the leaves.....Feverfew is growing like a weed....(some people call it a weed)...but not me ...I love the pretty daisy like flowers it produces and I dry bouquets of them. Also growing like a "weed" is the Catnip....never ever plant catnip near your herb garden...it comes up all over the place. The one nice thing about having "catnip" handy is I share it with all my "cat lover" customers....
I would like to introduce you to "Miss Lizzie Tish".....she takes up residence here in the herb garden all year round...soon she won't have to wear her sweater and I think some new clothes would be a nice gift as she does such a great job keeping watch over the garden.
Miss Lizzie has some friends visiting this summer and I know some of them would love to go home with you....be sure to come to our Herb Faire and meet them.

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