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April 20, 2009

BAY LAUREL, Herb of the Year 2009

Here is a picture for you, Judy, of my bay. I over wintered it indoors in a south window, but because the window was under a porch the bay just sat and didn't grow at all. When I moved to the new shop I had to put my tender perrenials in an east facing window. See the light green on the tips of all the branches, that is one months new growth. I also have a passionflower vine that was just a bunch of sticks in the pot and once I put it in the east window it grew 6 ft. (YES----FEET) in one month. I don't water very often, usually just whenever I remember. But now that the plants are growing, I will try to water every 4-5 days.

Saturday was the bi-annual Beaver Run School auction. It is put on by the Amish community and there is so much stuff that they have to have at least 6 auctioneers. This was the first time I went and I will never go again. Judging by the bids, you would not know that a recession was going on. These people were paying $3 for one petunia plant in a 3" pot. I go to auctions to get things cheaper. I can go to the local nursery and get a 6-pk. of petunias for $1.89. All I could think of all day is "What are these people thinking?" There was even one amish girl that paid $5 for a 6" tomato plant and she had to buy 6 at a time. I think I got the deal of the day.....I bought rhubarb plants and paid $4 per 12" pot and there were at least 4 plants per pot, also had to buy 4 pots at a time. Anyways, my next post or so I will put on a picture of the rhubarb along with a recipe for rhubarb punch.

I did a lot of raking the past couple days. And then took some before pics of the garden areas that I plan to plant this spring. Once the gardens are planted and growing, I'll post some before and after pics. Mother's Day weekend in Lancaster County, the Landis Valley Museum has an annal Herb Faire. I have been going every year for the last 10 or so. I can usually find the standard herbs and some unusal ones too that I cannot normally find wholesale. This Herb Faire is the Fri and Sat before Mother's Day.

These are some grunged up tulips I made with a little peep on a pole. Displayed in enamelware, of course.

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  1. The tulips are really neat....and original! Love the agate pot...we are kindred there! I can't believe how auctions are around here...I want to tell the people "go to The Cinnamon Stick it is cheaper"....!!! We do go to a plant auction in Kutztown.....you have to purchase the whole pallet - but then we plant at home and store - I have been wondering what the price of plants would be this year - with the high costs of heating the greenhouses....time will tell.