What's popping up in your gardens!!!

April 7, 2009


Okay....I am at it again.....another "blog"....it is that time of year again when I play "Garden House"....(a wannabee herbalist that hasn't any time to be one).....so I PRETEND. I love herbs...everything about them - how they taste, how they smell and how beautiful they look - fascinating plants to say the very least !!
We have an "Herb Faire" every Mother's Day week at The Cinnamon Stick....where we sell hundreds of the best herbs on the market. All our herbs are grown by a husband and wife in Lancaster County. They have two greenhouses and only wholesale ! Each plant is lovingly grown from seeds and cuttings of existing plants. Just one 3" pot of thyme gets FOUR individual plantings before it comes to the store....
I can't explain the feeling you get when you walk into the greenhouses. Enchanting is a good word - as you get lost in the scents of damp earth and aromas of the herbs all blended together.
I am hoping we can get lots of "herb gardeners" - beginners to herbalist - to join in this blog and post about their experiences and how tos and recipes and everything about herbs....Post questions that anyone can answer if they can - share pictures of their gardens, garden treasures and everything else.
Just email me at - cinnamonstick@comcast.net for the sign in information....then everyone who wishes can join in....all the usual guidelines will be followed about being nice and all that...I think this can be fun....no obligation to post or share - but hope everyone will. I am a novice....but I will tell you all about my fairy gardens.....woohoo!!!


  1. Sound interesting..I sent an email...
    Prim Blessings...

  2. Love this! Just sent you an email..I wanna sign up!

  3. I am interested in this I don't know a lot about them but love herbs and have grew a
    few....and would love to learn more and have some fun doing it...
    Ok I already have a question I have never grew mint before but I just got a plant the other day and was wondering if it is hard to grow can it grow in a pot? Guess that is 2 questions...lol
    I have it in a couple pots in the house right now cause it has been cold here still..good old Indiana weather...
    Herbal Blessings...

  4. I'm in!! And I wanted to ask a question....this is my first time attempting to grow an herb garden. I have purchased some seeds and want to know if I should throw them straight in the ground or should I start some plantings in the home then transplant outside?Thanks!