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July 29, 2009


Want to try the most delish (even the men love it) cheese spread using scented geranium leaves?? Of course you do !! I serve this every year at our Herbal Faire....and thru-out the summer on Pepperidge Farm butterfly crackers...

8 oz. cream cheese - softened
4-5 medium rose geranium leaves....chopped fine
Mix together and chill -
(for the store I always made a double batch as it goes quickly)
The taste is unusually good....you don't want to stop eating ! Good spread on celery too!

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  1. Gosh,that sounds so good. Ia m going to try it. When I first moved to Shelbyville, we had a street wide yard sale,I brought out some Rose Geranium Tea. I thought it was heavenly, but Shelbyville KY was not ready for me. They made so much fun of it! But it was really good!!