What's popping up in your gardens!!!

July 25, 2009

More Mint~

Your Catnip bags look Great Judy!
I'm sure you'll sell them all out~ We sell lots at our shop too. I stamp mine with a rubber stamp of a cat and tie a jingle bell to the muslin bag too.

I harvested lots of Mint & Yarrow today.

Here's the Mint drying~

When it's dried, I'll crush it up and use it in the Victorian & Cottage Garden Potpourri~

Here's some of the Yarrow~ My cat Spooky loves to be involved too :)

Most of my Herbs needed a good cutting back. The Catmint, Valerian and Lavender all got a haircut today. The Tansy has gone crazy and I'll be cutting that back but first I want to get some flower bunches out of it. Same with the Sage~ cut, bunch & dry :)

Happy Gardening~

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