What's popping up in your gardens!!!

July 29, 2009


Hi Ginny...Becky left this comment on your question about the scented geraniums...and I wanted to make sure you saw it...I am sending Becky and invite right now and hopefully she will join in and share more...Judy

OOPS !! I don't have your email address Becky..if you would like to join this forum and be able to post and add pictures please send it to me at cinnamonstick@comcast.net I hope you will join us !!

Basil Becky said...
I love scented gernamiums. I dry them several ways. Often I will take the leaves off the stem and lay them in basket or I have simply hung the stem with the leaves in a good palce to dry.A fun thing is to then put the dried leaves in old panty hose and hang in your closet! Instant moth repellant!

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