What's popping up in your gardens!!!

July 14, 2009


This is what the herb garden at the store looks like right now....it HAD to be done...everything was growing too wild and gone to flower. Oh what goodies I found underneath the overgrowth... Pennyroyal, Calendula, Alfred our resident Gnome, a little toad house and Catnip our Cat ( I think she is very sad as this is where the "catmint" was growing! Next to Flora Nestbasket is an heirloom tomato plant - one of my customers gave to me...has some tomatoes on it too!! The dill is going to seed too - which will give me another crop before fall ( I love dill and have been using it quite often)...unfortunately the vinca grew wild with all the rain and took over the whole side garden...please excuse the grass/weeds around the flowerpots....this is our "garden edging" and we have not been very gracious about keeping it nice.....I must move all the pots this week when Tony comes to mow - it looks horrid! We had a big olde "gear" from a piece of farm equipment..(???)...in the center of this picture and planted in between the iron spokes...but I had Tony pull it out as you couldn't see it any longer and the vinca just killed off the flowers...There is some cinnamon basil in there somewhere too....( the wire fencing along the wall is what I call my "country clothesline" - When I dye something I hang it out there to dry -
Soon everything will grow back....at least I hope so.

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