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July 7, 2009


I have been toying with the idea of having an "Herbal Vinegar Seminar" (doesn't that sound profound!) at the store. Since most of the gals who grow herbs that I know do it for the "simple country pleasure" of it - I thought we need to get together and make herbal vinegars. They are simple to make and the ones that I make for myself are easy, with few ingredients and "delicious". I love herbal vinegar sprinkled on my salads, cauliflower, spinach and I also use it in cooking when I want a unique taste! My deviled eggs are the BEST because of the added vinegar!
I am thinking a get together in our classroom where I would explain all about the vinegars, hand out recipes and make three different types right on the spot. Then in a couple weeks the girls could come back with their own "fancy" bottles to pour the vinegars in for taking home! I use glass salad dressing jars with the plastic lid. The fee would be minimal and we could even make our own Herbal Vinegar tags ... My wish would be that they would go home and make lots of herbal vinegars to give as gifts - (especially with the economy the way it is) A homemade gift for teachers, friends, family, neighbors...would be much appreciated I am sure! Oh now I just have to do it....any suggestions???
The picture is of my basil at home.....I never seem to have very good luck with basil - this may be the cinnamon basil plant (forgot to check) but no matter what kind it just doesn't do well at home...(and that is my dead chives next to it ???) ...now at the store it grows to be a BUSH!

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  1. I love Opal basil Vinegar. It has such a wonderful color. It seems people are really interested in learning about Herbal Vinegars.
    Good Luck!