What's popping up in your gardens!!!

June 5, 2009


Oh dear...I must have really "irked" Mother Nature with a few comments....YIKES !!
Please accept my apology Ms. Nature !!!
I wanted to take pics of the feverfew which is just starting to bloom.....maybe tomorrow after the Fairy Garden Class....suppose to be "sunshiny" !!!
******I see that there are a few new gals who have signed up to follow this blog.....would you like to join the group and post along with us ????? Please say yes....the more the merrier !! This is really a learning and sharing blog - and we have some really "knowledgeable" gals on here....(I am not one of them....but enjoy sharing my pictures and adventures and reading about everyone else's and I LOVE pictures of your gardens)...
If you would like to join please email me thru my profile and I will send you an invite.....Judy

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