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June 5, 2009

Soggy Yards

Good Morning, Yes, Judy I think you did tick off the Big Mom!! But, its sounds like she is going to forgive you tomorrow. Last I checked my feverfew was not blooming yet, that was Monday. It has alot of buds, just no flowers yet. Does anyone know if the flowers can be dried? If so, please post it here or e-mail me @ duckslady@gmail.com . It also looks like my tansy is going to bloom soon as well, plant must be about 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall, we had to tie it up and then prop it up with a piece of antique iron fencing, guess I won't be selling that either, I have go to stop that, I'm suppose to sell the stuff I buy for the business, but it just looks so darn good in the yard! Well, Ladies have a great day and Judy have a good time making those Fairy Gardens.

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  1. Hi Ginny~

    Yes, Feverfew dries Great!! I love using it in fresh arrangements and then drying the entire bouquet once the flowers start to get old.

    I just check on my feverfew plant and there's no flowers yet either...Enjoy :)