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June 27, 2009

Comfrey & Lovage~

Your Comfrey & Lovage Plants bring back memories!!
My mother is a medical herbalist and I grew up with lots of common (and not so common) herbs growing in the gardens~

Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) has always been a very important herb for healing. We've used it for over 30 years in our "Magic Healing Salve" and mom always brought in a few leaves to her students for herb identification. She would show them a Comfrey leaf and a Foxglove leaf and see if they could identify which one was which. Most students couldn't tell the difference~ Her point was that if you mistake Foxglove for Comfrey you could become very sick. She would tell the story of an old couple that thought they were cook'n up a big pot of Comfrey tea, when actually they were using Foxglove leaves and they both died.....Don't know if the story was true but it always got thru to the students how important Herb identification is :)

Mom had a Comfrey plant growing that was actually named "Humpfrey"
If your going to plant comfrey you better plant it where you want it to grow forever because you can NEVER transplant it! It will always come back in that original spot~
Humpfrey was dug up many times and still managed to pop up again, the only thing that stopped "him" from growing was building an addition onto the house and covering him up for good!
Poor Humpfrey :)

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