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June 13, 2009


Hi Everyone....Anne from Backyard Treasures has just joined our blog....HI ANNE and WELCOME...do you have some pics to share???
Oh my as I sit here and type I am watching a baby bunny eat my parsley....he is so cute....it is a big patch so I will share it with him.....!!! ooopsss...there he goes !!!
My herb garden is completely out of control now...today we had lots of sunshine in the morning and then the rains came...flooding downpours....it is still raining. I don't mind a summer drizzle but this is getting olde !! IF (and that is a big if) it is not raining tomorrow I will just cut down the lemon balm and feverfew - sage is not quite ready...and the mint and hang it to dry. I have a nice batch of catmint too...I want to get it before it flowers and goes to seed ! It is a bit frustrating right now. And I am sure the rain has beat down the dill....I did pick some yesterday- I love dill in my salads.
Andrea.....I am sick I didn't pick the larkspur...it looks so pretty in the flower beds....but I wanted to dry it for potpourri....and this rain today...YIKES !! If it is still standing tomorrow and not bare of flowers....I am picking it for sure!!!!

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