What's popping up in your gardens!!!

June 8, 2009


Hi Herbal friends.....I had to cut my Feverfew this morning as it was all in bloom.....that always makes me sad to cut it down when it looks so pretty. The plants at the store are only in bud stage so I will still have some pretty flowers to make me smile! I also harvested some dwarf sage - I didn't take it all cause I would like to make a base of sage for mini wreaths....it smells so good!
Can you see that little "gnome" hiding in the Feverfew ??? He is so shy and doesn't want his picture taken!!
I hang the herbs to dry on our side enclosed porch (this use to be part of my store when it was in my home many moons ago) You walk into this room when you enter our house (we don't use the front door).....and when the herbs are drying it smells so wonderful! The door goes into my laundry/utility/storage room..... There is only one small window in there so the herbs are away from the sunlight!

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