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January 7, 2011

Keeping the birds happy

While, this is only somewhat related to gardening and in the sprit of keep this great little blog alive I thought I would remind us all to keep our feeders full and if you can supply fresh water to all of our feathered friends. Seed scoop: provided by The Old Farmers Almanac; Black-oil sunflower seeds are the best-loved of all the bird feed.
My feeders are sure busy this morning. Snow stopped, sun is trying to come out. We got a total of 2 inches, fine by me. Les and I hope to get out to a auction today. Have a wonderful weekend friends.


  1. The feral cats in the neighborhood are getting drinks as well! Stay warm!

  2. Hope your auction is good....I am home because we are getting the snow now. First it looked awful and now it looks better...sigh....never sure about driving in the snow. My feeders need restocking so off to do that now..thanks for the reminder!

  3. Hello Ginny,I just came across your blog and wanted to let you know how wonderful it is. Love you pic of your rosemary. My rosemary is all happy and growing in my kitchen. So great to have fresh herbs in winter...Looking forward to your future postings...Greetings from cold and snowy Indiana...Heidi