What's popping up in your gardens!!!

December 30, 2010

Possibly the last garden tip for 2010

In the spirit of giving, spend some time lending a gardening hand to a friend, neighbor or family memeber who may be behind in their outdoor chores. A little raking or stacking firewood will be a warm way to burn off some holiday calories and help give some warmth to those who may need the lift. I follow Winterthur Museum & Country Estate on facebook, this was their tip for today, 12/30/10. I thought it was a nice little diddy for The Herbal Bouquet. Happy New Year garden friends

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  1. Ginny....do you have old Farmer's Almanacs for sale????
    I love your tip....today though, it would be to help "shovel" - funny thing...Tony was always the first one in the neighborhood to help those that were older to shovel the snow - and now they are replaced with the "new young families" and we are the old ones...!!! Not too old to shovel appparently...LOL!!