What's popping up in your gardens!!!

January 22, 2011

Weather Lore

Today is January 22, or St.Vincent Day. Weather lore has it that if the sun shine on St.Vincent Day there shall be much wind. They do not elaborate if the wind is today, tomorrow or next week. Thought I pass this little bit of trivia along to my garden friends. I get these bits of trivia from the Old Farmers Almanac, I love this book, keeps me entertained!! LOL


  1. They forgot to mention the COLD! Happy St. Vincent Day, Ginny!

  2. I am in NEED of spring...thought I had better change the header....As much as I love living where we have "seasons" - I am beginning to become a "house hermit" to this horrid cold. Emptying the trash has become a chore.....Brrrrrr! So a couple weeks ago I walked thru the yard to our forsythia bush and broke off a branch - and that is where our new header came from. ENJOY!!!