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January 8, 2011

Measuring the Snow

Hi Everyone, hope you are enjoying your weekend, even though it has been snowing off and on since yesterday.I believe most gardeners do have a interest in the weather, other then "oh, it's raining can't go out and pull the weeds". And though we may not like it, snow does play an important part in our gardening. It provides nitrogen. Every Winter our local weather station provides information on how to measure the snow in your yard/garden. Take measurements from three areas in your yard/garden, try not to measure drifts or where you have thrown the snow with the blower or shovel. Add the three and divide by three. You will get a fairly accurate snow measurement or should I say as accurate as your local weather weenie.LOL. I took our measurements tonite, we have a total of 3.33 inches. Let me know what your snow fall total was for this storm.

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  1. Well...I didn't measure the Saturday snow but will be sure to try your method tomorrow morning...when we are suppose to get 4 to 8 in. - What ever happened to the "mountains" getting all the snow and not us???
    The snow is so valuable to really let the herbs hibernate and last year with all the snow we had, everything was so lush and full in the spring....and THEN...our horrid, hot summmer - just made gardening almost unbearable. Hopefully that will not happen again.....both too much snow and too much heat! (fingerscrossed) !!!