What's popping up in your gardens!!!

April 28, 2010


Hi girls...this is meant to be a "sharing" blog and although I know everyone is busy....(ahem...me too!!) I would LOVE to see your herbs as they grow....If you are not a member of this blog and just a follower - I can send you an "invite" which will give you the LOG IN  information.  Email me at  cinnamonstick@comcast.net to join!!  Everyone is welcome...novice to expert !!  Come share, teach and learn....Judy


  1. Hi, I am looking for some started Sweet Anni plants. I'm in Pa. and can't seem to find any here.

  2. Theresa - we will be selling Sweet Annie plants at our Herb Faire May 7,8 and 9th...Our herbs are locally grown from a husband and wife who only wholesale...not from those big nurseries....stop by and take a peek. Judy

  3. Hi Judy, thanks for the nice comment about our Redbud tree, we love it. It was planted by friends in honor of Les' Mom after she passed away from cancer. I will heading to the Herb Faire on Friday, along with a friend, can't wait to see you.