What's popping up in your gardens!!!

April 21, 2010


Well....what a nice surprise I had this morning when I went to the back of the house to see if I could scare up a few "sprigs" of mint to take to the store with me today - (for the water tubes in the May Day cones)  AND I had a whole bunch growing back there.....apple, curly, spearmint and lemon balm !  I gathered a HUGE bouquet and took it to the store....(still didn't get it in jars - I like to use old canning jars for my herbs or milk bottles) I would forget it was in the basement  where the sink etc. is -( my "mini" kitchen)  Everytime I went down it was for a customer or something else....too many distractions today but first thing in the morning the store will have the sweet scent of mint!!
Have any of you made "Pot Lady" ???   This was a door prize for our Herb Faire.....not sure what will be the giveaway this year...better start working on it.   I am trying to talk Tony into making me two more of these gals....not his favorite thing to do.....guess I will have to "bat my eyelashes"   !!!

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