What's popping up in your gardens!!!

May 7, 2010

New Herb Plants~

Woohoo!! The herb plants have arrived from the local greenhouse & everything is Good Again :)

It's amazing how plants can lift our spirits!

I can't believe how big the herbs in my yard have gotten already! I'm going to have to divide up the tansy in this pic. It's already taking over~

ps. Judy- What are those herbs hanging in the front of your shop? They look Great :)


  1. RAGWEED - honest to goodness!!!...just plain old ragweed !!! Needed something to hang to "dress up" the back porch and everywhere you look there is lots of beautiful yellow flowery ragweed !!! (it dries pretty good too - picked some two weeks ago to see how it would work - worked just fine for the Herb Faire!!

  2. LOVE IT! Sometimes the plants with the "worst reputation" make the best Show! Great Job :)

  3. Lovely site...thanks for letting me join; hope to visit often...your store and herbs look so great...mine are growing slowly:)