What's popping up in your gardens!!!

September 25, 2010


I have to admit my harvesting was not nearly as productive as it should have been.  No fault to the herbs...they grew beautifully with the TLC I gave them ....but time got away from me (Tony's broken ankle, open houses...etc.) and I really let the gardens go.  I still have some sage and ginger mint I can salvage...but the weather turned so HOT again and it just takes all my energy away!
Andrea your home and pumpkins make the best header for our blog!
Happy Harvesting to everyone.....XO, Judy


  1. Thanks Judy :)
    I can see why you were so busy....your shop looks adorable and the "fun" you create for your customers is inspiring!!

    Now my gardens are going by and I'm wondering why I didn't can or preserve anything....oh well...we usually don't get everything done that we dreamed about during those long winter months~

  2. I like your attitude, Andrea! When I'm feeling bad later this year that I didn't get everything done, I will remember what you said or maybe not! Nancy

  3. Anonymous9/30/2010

    The header image makes this page, it's quite inspiring. It's been very hot here this past summer although my herbs did well, the rain hit soon after so it's been a matter of getting to everything as quickly as I can. Great blog!