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September 20, 2010

Falltime Harvest

Hi Everyone! 
This is such a wonderful time of year for us Gardeners :)  I get just as excited to harvest the herbs & flowers as I get when I plant them.  This year I've decided to dry as much as possible.
Here's a basket of fresh Sage, Anise Hyssop & Basil that I'll be hanging in the barn~ There's also lots of Silver King Artemesia & Hydrangeas that will be dried as well. 

Here's how my Rudbecia turned out this year.................HUGE!

 And here is the Rudbeckia mixed with Mints, Sweet Annie, Zinnias and other flowers.
 Another thing that did so well this year was my Pumpkins.   I was harvesting them in August!!

 And they wereSuper HUGE this year!!! 
Happy Fall everyone, I enjoy looking at all your garden pics :)



  1. Anonymous9/21/2010

    ~ Andrea

    Look how gorgeous your herbs turned out this year. Yes, pick, dry & enjoy...

    ~ Rosemary...

  2. Beautiful gardens and gorgeous displays. I love the colors of autumn. They are as cheerful as it gets. The house/doorway picture is very welcoming. Nice job!


  3. Wow Andrea, your property is stunning. I've always loved Rudbeckia! Just stumbled on this blog and am delighted.