What's popping up in your gardens!!!

October 26, 2010

The Dye Garden

Here in Berks County, Pa the autumn days have been beautiful and the last few nights have been stunning with glorious moonlight. We are undergoing a major landscaping project between the house and barn so I am thankful for each sunny day. As I clean up around the gardens my thoughts have been wandering to what plants would be good for dyeing wool. About 7 years ago I spent a weekend dabbling in the dye pot with a variety of plants from the gardens but I've sinced turned to the "little brown packages". Do any of you have a dye garden? I'm curious as to what you enjoy collecting for the dye pot. Earlier this month, at a local historical village I saw a hank of yarn that was dyed to a beautiful shade using orange cosmos. Maybe someday I'll get around to harvesting my orange flowers! Here's a pic of my orange cosmos. You will notice that Miss Paisley wanted to be part of the picture! Since she's been giving such beautiful eggs lately, I thought I would indulge her vanity.


from high on a hill in Berks County, Pa


  1. Welcome Terri....you are going to be such a blessing for this site! Hope someone can help with the "dye" pots - Me...I'll reap your rewards! Judy

  2. Hi Terri, Welcome, I'm a spinner and weaver of wool and a long long time ago I did some dyeing with natural dyes. Have you ever? I have some great books to recommend if you have not. I too some day will harvest my flowers and try my hand at dyeing wool again.