What's popping up in your gardens!!!

December 5, 2009


Hi Susan and Ginny......we had our Sleigh Ride Event going on today and the snow was just the perfect added touch.
Susan.....I am sure the customers were quite festive and in the "purchasing" mood - they were at the store today...something about the cold, snow, twinkling lights and Christmas Carols just puts a smile on everyone's face. Your Holiday Open House sounds so inviting...wish I would have been able to come!
I have a (3 1/2 year old) rosemary plant, scented rose geranium and a lemon balm plant all in a second floor south window - I moved the rosemary from the big room into the little room (I think you remember how the 2nd floor was set up).....and keep hoping it will do okay. My rose geranium at home - died - it was old and clipped too many times I am afraid ! I do love making that rose geranium cheese spread to serve in the winter when no one expects it!
I wish you luck with your plants - fingers crossed.

Ginny.....YIKES...you have lots more snow than we do....at the store it was only about an inch when we left (but really coming down fast)...on the way home we hit spots of just wet roads....and then when we got close to home (16 miles from store) it was a mess!!! The plow went up our road though....we are a secondary state road so sometimes they do and sometimes they don't !!!

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