What's popping up in your gardens!!!

December 2, 2009


The picture is of my "Fairy Garden" that I made in May while giving a Fairy Garden Class at the store. I brought it inside and put it on a windowsill upstairs at the store. These past two days I have rearranged the upstairs and needed to bring it home....I can't believe it is still growing. (I have to admit some neglect) !!! Now to find the right windowsill here at home to keep it alive...hopefully some of the "fairies" have come home with me too and will keep everything growing.....Italian oregano, mother of thyme and rosemary ( the rosemary doesn't look so good)! I have a first floor hallway windowsill that seems to like plants...right now the Cuban Oregano is doing great there. My 3 year old rose geranium moved on - sadly - but I have another one growing at the store. (Need it to make my rose geranium cheese spread) Has anyone brought their herbs in for the winter???

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