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August 23, 2009

SOLD !!! The Watering Can...!!

Everyone must be very, very busy harvesting and gathering their gardens since it is so quiet here lately. Me...I am just HOT....the weather has been so humid and just wears you out. Weeds are growing and hard to keep up with...but the herb garden looks just beautiful as it is ready for it's second harvesting. WHICH I don't think I have the energy to do...LOL!! We are getting ready for Harvest Thyme at the store and that is taking all my time and energy!
I did FINALLY sell the beautiful watering can with the scented geranium planted in it....you should have seen how wonderful it is growing in there. I do hope she brings it in the house and keeps it going. My basil is now a TREE - and I am just giving it away to anyone who walks by the house...(big smile)...Hope everyone is having a great end of summer......

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  1. Do you know I hunted & hunted for that watering can when I was up visiting ~ wanted to bring it back home with me since I couldn't find a single scented geranium this year (they're hard to find in NC)...and I didn't see it on the porch until I got to going down the road & was looking thru the pics on the camera & there it was in the pic of you & I! Darn! :)