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August 25, 2009

End of Summer~

Just like everyone else~ I've been busy with end of Summer chores!
Trying to harvest as much Herbs & Flowers as I can. All the mints have been dried and it's time to crush them for potpourri. Here's some Rubeckia~ this dries Great! I like to dry them with the stem facing down into a framed screen. This way they dry opened up and look great in arrangements.

Echinacea can be dried the same way~ or if hung upside down the petals will curl inwards and you don't get as much color

Yarrow is ready to harvest~

Here's some freshly harvested Globe Amaranth~ this really keeps its color!


  1. I love to dry flowers, but I have a hard time in my old house finding a good spot. I have an 200 year old building I would love to use, but it seems to hold moisture. It has three brick thick walls. Any ideas? Your pictures were wonderful.

  2. WOW...Thanks for sharing such great advice on drying. I am new at this, so all the help I can get is very much appreciated.

    VFA = Village Folk Art