What's popping up in your gardens!!!

May 28, 2012

Bronze Fennel

This Herb will grow to 4 ft. and is beautiful....but I did not realized how invasive it would become. Any suggestions to get under control would be helpful. ~Blessings~ Earlene


  1. I'm sorry I don't know about the Bronze Fennel, that is a new herb to me. I'm just starting out. I would like to participate in the group blog it sounds fun learning and sharing....did you get my email?

    1. what was the e-mail Faith?

  2. The bronze fennel is beautiful and wispy like but I'm sorry to hear it's been invasive. I had it in my garden a few years ago but one year it did not come back.

  3. Hi Earlene, you need to be cutting the flowers off when they form or let it flower briefly before it forms seeds and cut the flowers off. It won't curtail the ones that are everywhere, but it will keep future ones from taking over. I would also cut back the ones you don't not want to continue growing and use the fronds or compost them. You may have to cover them with plastic or something that will smother them so they will not continue growing. I think the earlier you can pull them out, the easier they are to pull out. Larger ones have to just be cut back until they lose their energy for growing. I would really attack them in the late summer because they will be dormant through the winter and you can make a dent in their spread. Hope this helps you. Nancy