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October 8, 2011

Just the Favorite Time for This Herb!

I think spring and fall are my two favorite seasons.  These last few days have been spectacular in southwestern Pennsylvania.  The pineapple sage (Salvia elegans) is not nearly as pretty as usual and the humming birds are long gone, but it is an edible flower and you should use it fresh not dried.  Our pineapple sage did come back from last year (not typical) and so we potted it up and are bringing it in for the season.  Everyone in the south is lucky to have it as a perennial.  Use it in fruit salads and iced or hot teas.  I always talk about this too late in the season when it is just about over.  Hope you all have had a great summer.  Talk to you later!  Lemon Verbena Lady


  1. *****you're lucky to even have the extended warm
    weather for the flowers to bloom. here in new england this is definitely the "last" blooming
    plant in the herb garden. some years it is truly
    a race to the first frost...who will win, the
    pineapple sage or mother nature. a fantastic, and somewhat little known herb.

  2. Hello I like your blog, it is full of herbs, which are my favorites, and country style and relaxed, do not speak English although some words, but I'll see your plants whenever possible. a hug

  3. I absolutely adore lemon verbena. I dry some and then put in a jar, and sniff just ot get a natural high. Its good in baked goods too.